Politics – Current Events and Music

Here is a collection of more videos I have made or found of interest. Please realize videos with specific point of views and perspectives don’t necessarily reflect that of this website: Jebcat.com.

Very soon we will release our specific news show that will tackle politics and current events specifically with a slightly Canadian point of view. We have created a pilot for the show and are waiting on confirmation of sponsors as well as hammering down the specifics to the show.

The mediums for the show at this point will be a YouTube video version as well as a recorded podcast audio version. The show will be free to watch or listen to.

I am pondering a final name for the show as well as hoping to hammer out some details on how to combine pillars of honesty, compassion and humour. Also I am interested in how to reach a real global audience although tackle a portion of Canadian News.

Our first version of the show was called Fake News Down where we investigated talking points and misinformation spreading across social media. We looked at the claims people were making and investigated the truth behind the claims to see if there was any truth to these claims. Unluckily on YouTube we were attacked by hateful people who believed so strongly in some of this misinformation they did not respect our shows attempt at questioning this possible fake news and attacked us verbally.

We decided to take a step back and will try to release a show that is less aggressive on debunking facts and more in line with just providing daily news. The original show has been removed for now, the following are some random other videos we have made or find interesting.

My Democracy Criticism

Dear Rouge New Years