I have been working on recording and posting gaming videos. Primarily i have been making video game screen grab on my android phone. Frankly there are so many people that already do this I don’t have a tone of interest, however it still seems a bit fun to do. These first gaming videos I actually filmed on my Samsung phone. I than used a screen recorder to increase the screen size of the original video gaming screen grab. This kind of screen grab means the video suffers in quality. I have considered if I had a very large tablet for the screen grab it would maximize the resolution out putted by the video screen grab and thus the video would be higher quality.

  1. If somebody hired me to make a video where I needed screen grabs of phone video games I would definitely use a larger tablet. In the meantime, if I am doodling around with this teqnique I’m not going to worry that much about quality as the video game screen grab is primarily for myself. I do hope some people enjoy the music tho.

Punch a Trump – Android Game

Mini Warriors – Level 70 Dragon