A Christmas Miracle – Close Encounters 2 from SNL

The idea of a Christmas miracle, a sudden upending of the natural order is usually explained in Fantasy stories as created by Santa’s Fairy dust and Christmas cheer. Most people who have claimed to have witnessed a Christmas miracle we as listeners have our doubts and don’t hold our breath. The mass media throws around that word and anything different from expected is termed a Christmas miracle. Such things as a baby falls off a couch and is unhurt or a cat is stolen and transported across the country but finds it way home. Such things fall far below miracle status hasn’t anyone even heard the song “The Cat Came Back”? This song was written about cat’s having an insane ability to find there way home regardless of space and time.

The worst are miracles where people “see” god or Jesus or Santa and have an incredible enlightenment that changes their life forever. While in some cases these personal miracles hold an amazing energy and space that can change someone’s life forever, for the most part I question the person’s sanity. Also, maybe they need some sleep. Or maybe it happened in there sleep, well that’s weird. Who dreams about Santa in their sleep above the age of 7? And if they did, well its called a dream honey, not a Christmas miracle. I haven’t personally witnessed any miracles, and neither has anyone I know. Many too many of my contacts are predominantly atheists.

But, what would a Christmas miracle be like? Christmas Miracle – Saturday Night Live offers one possibility.

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