Jebcat.com has a collection of videos I’ve made as well as my favorite videos from youtube. My primary focus going forward will be funny children’s videos. At the moment however, I also have a collection of some SNL and comedian videos as well as other video projects I have put together. There’s not much here now, but soon, the steam will be gained.

I have been Filming and Editing Video since 2016 and have been having alot of fun with it. Lately I have been focusing more and more on possibly making children’s shows. Learning to be aware of the lens is especially important for the kids. In realization that every experience children have with a screen—PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.—is nowadays ran by centralized corporate interests. For the most part, screen-life is always filtered in a way that that prioritizes spending and profit. Just look at the shocking story lines behind the most popular disney films and one has to wonder if some of this content doesn’t brainwash our children from a young age.

Right now I am working on creating stronger plot points to feature as a back story for some of ideas. In other words I am working on my story telling. Collected here on this website is a collection of my children’s videos, as well as other videos I have created and a collection of some of my favourite funny movies. Funny children’s videos are also a great medium to work in because unlike adults they are going to apreciate my work or not want to watch my funny children’s videos. A lot of adults online will watch your funny videos and criticize and insult you for your creation without much thought to it.

Please, take a moment and follow me on twitter. I will be updating people there with the latest updates on my video creation projects. I am active on twitter. I follow current events as well as amusing videos